Kaytek the Wizard by Janusz Korczak

Life is Strange and Mysterious

Based on the Book by Janusz Korczak

Translated into English by Antonia Lloyd-Jones

Script and Direction by Brian Hull

Music by Sarah Hart

Created with permission from Penlight Publications

Kaytek, a mischievous schoolboy who wants to become a wizard, is surprised to discover that he is able to perform magic spells and change reality. He begins to lead a double life: a powerful wizard in the dress of an ordinary boy. It’s all great fun using magic to cause strange incidents in his school and neighborhood, but soon Kaytek’s increasing powers cause major chaos around the city of Warsaw. Disillusioned, he leaves the country and wanders the world in search of the meaning of his good intentions, his unique abilities, and their consequences. Revolving around the notion that power is not without responsibility, nor without repercussions, this story speaks to every child's dream of freeing themselves from the endless control of adults, and shaping the world to their own designs.

Now available for performances.

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